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    Meet Dr Rupali Das

    Dr Rupali Das (Periodontist & Implatologist)

    I love making a difference in someone's life. Changing a person's smile and self-esteem, and being able to take someone out of pain immediately is so rewarding. What I love most about my patients is the tremendous change and involvement that occurs after they are thoroughly educated about their oral health despite any prior bad experiences.

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    sep, 2014

    Saliva and Its Use as a Diagnostic Fluid

    Saliva is the familiar fluid present in the mouths of humans and some animal.It plays a vital role in dental health as patients strive to maintain a healthy dentition throughout their lives. read more

    sep, 2014

    Saliva -
    A Review

    Saliva is a most valuable oral fluid that often is taken for granted. It is critical to the preservation and maintenance of oral health, yet it receives little attention until quantity or quality is diminished. read more

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    Consultancy Offered


    Dr Rupali Das is a well known Implatologist based in Hyderabad.

    Laser Surgeon

    Dr Rupali Das is a well known Laser surgeon based in Hyderabad.

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    Our Location

    Floss & Gloss - Advanced Dental Experts

    Near Renault Showroom, Above Baskin Robbins, Kondapur, Hyderabad.
    Mobile 1: +91 - 94913 06102
    Mobile 2: +91- 9490467464
    E-mail: drrupalidas@gmail.com

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    Dr Rupali Das

    I love making a difference in someone's life. Changing a person's smile and self-esteem, and being able to take someone out of pain immediately is so rewarding. What I love most about my patients is the tremendous change and involvement that occurs after they are thoroughly educated about their oral health despite any prior bad experiences. The majority of Floss & Gloss patients take charge of their oral health and exude a whole new enthusiasm for their oral care and appearance. I feel so very lucky to be a part of this change, and look forward to many years of helping patients in the future.

    Education and Continuing Education

    - Master of Dental Surgery (MDS) - Army School of Dental Sciences, Hyderabad
    - Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) - Army School of Dental Sciences, Hyderabad

    The landscape of dentistry is always evolving. Dentistry has so many new innovations that make the scope of treatment vast and provide various options for patients. Technology, along with new materials, allows for so many advancements that otherwise would not have been available. To stay abreast of these changes, I continue my education in many different ways. My staff and I attend the various dental conferences, and take courses in dental office management as well as new procedures and products and different dental techniques.

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